Unlimited Treasure Chest has a variety of scents for every kind of sensibilities. From our own line of Original Designer Scents, Healing Sacred Oils, and Traditional Scents. Gift Baskets, lotions, soaps and Bubble Baths can be made with your favorite scent.  And remember to state the item number and the scent name in your note to the seller at checkout.Free Shipping!!                                                                                                  

Small Scented Oil Bottle

$ 4.00 USD

Small Scented Oil Bottle. Fill with any scent listed. In stock.  UTS sm.b


Large Scented Oil Bottle

$ 6.00 USD

Large Scented Oil Bottle. Fill with any scent listed. In stock. UTS lg.b

Unlimited Treasure Chest Gift Packs- Comes with your choice of Scented Oil, Bubble Bath, Lotion, Glycerin/Shea Butter Bar Soap or Liquid Soap, Dead Sea Bath Salt, And a Sponge!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Only Bar soaps, Liquid soap, and size of Scented oils ( large or small) are interchangeable with each package, please specify.
Items Sold Separately- Specify Scent

Bar Soap 3 oz. - $2.50 each

Bar Soap 1oz. - $1.00 each

Bubble Bath 8 oz. - $ 5.00 each

Bubble Bath  4oz. - 3.00 each

Lotion 4 oz. - 3.00 each

Dead Sea Salt  4 oz. - 5.00

Dead Sea Salt 2 oz. - 3.00


Unlimited Gift Pack #1

$ 17.50 USD

Unlimited Gift Pack #1 - Fill with the scent of your choice! Includes 8oz. Bubble Bath, 4oz. Lotion, Small Scented Oil, 1 oz. Gylcerine soap, 2oz.Scented Bath Dead Sea Salt, 1 Sponge. In Stock. UTS pac1 

List Of Unlimited Treasures Original Designer Scents

Bursting Berries - A mellow blend of berries with a zing.          

Coco Mellow - Relaxing smooth scent with a base of Coconut.                             

Fleur Noir -  Very light scent for the sensitive nose, with a base of Rose                                        

Golden - A light twist on the classic Sandalwood.

Islander (W) - Takes you into an island breeze.

Soft Lovely Rose - A soften Rose scent. 

Smile- Fresh clean scent, with a base of Lemon.

Sunrise - A citrusy scent that warms you like a sun.

Tropical Surprise - A bright tropical scent that is warm and fruity.

Juicy Peach - A delightful fruit blend with peachy base.

Jazzy Jasmine - Jasmine with a special zing without the sting.

Embrace -Soothing mild scent that is like an embrace.

True Eden - Pure lovely floral musk, yet defining.


Be Known - A masculine musk that is defining and classic.

Islander (M) - Easy going,smooth and tropical like an island breeze. 

Kushite - A resonating scent that takes you back, with a base of Kush.

Omega - The scent that is a classic musk that is strong but smooth.

Nubian Nectar - A Patchouli base scent that is mild and smooth. 


Egyptian Treasures - A twist on a classic, Egyptian Musk but made new.

Sacred Ground - A unique musk that is grounding and soothing.

Egyptian Nites - A light airy blend of musk.

Unlimited Gift Pack#2

$ 15.00 USD

Unlimited Gift Pack #2 - Fill with the scent of your choice! Includes 4oz. Bubble Bath, 4oz. Lotion, Small Scented Oil, 3 oz. Gylcerine soap,1 Sponge. In Stock. UTS pac2  

List of Traditional Scented Oils              

Amber Cream

Amber White

African Musk (Green)

Arabian Nites

Blue Berry

Blue Nile

Black Musk

Black Coconut

China Rain

Coco Mango

Jamaican Fruit

Jamaican Plum


Nubian Musk