Spiral Pendent with Red Aventurine Necklace Set

$ 19.00 USD

Spiral Pendent Red Aventurine Set, with accents of Carnelian and brass. Regular price 27.00. MA71


Batik Bone Arrow Necklace Set

$ 24.00 USD

Batik Bone Arrow Necklace Set. Imported Dark Brown and Off White Bone with dangle earrings. Regular price 30.00. MA76


All items are handmade and can be made to order. We can custom make all kinds of styles. To order custom made items email us or just put a note to the seller at check out.

Mother of Pearl and Fresh Water Pearl Necklace Set

$ 30.00 USD

Mother of Pearl and Fresh Water Pearl Necklace Set with brass accents. Appox. 17 in. long. Regular price 35.00. MA 77


Spiral Pendent Turquoise Necklace Set

$ 18.00 USD

Spirial Pendent Turquoise Set, brass accents. 16 in. length. Regular price 22.00. MA71


Red Agate Gemstone Mix Necklace Set

$ 50.00 USD

Red Agate Gemstone Mix Necklace Set. Red Agate Pendant Rock along with Black Onyx, Agate, Carnelian,and Obseian. In stock. Regular price 60.00. MA 72red A 


Faux Pearl Cowie Shell Necklace Set

$ 18.00 USD

Faux Pearl Cowie Shell Set. A afrocentric blend of class, with imported Cowie Shell. 16 in. length. Comes in Black and Silver, Brown and Gold, Bronze and Gold. Please specify.Regular price 27.00. MA 38


Rock n Chip Crystal Necklace Set

$ 20.00 USD

Genuine Crystal Set and Crystal Chip Set, with earrings. Regular price 35.00. MA 70


African Style Red Agate and Carnelain Necklace Set

$ 45.00 USD

African style and class with this geniune Carnelian, Red Agate, Amber Resin, and Imported African Brass. Matching earrings. 17 in. in length. Regular price 55.00. MA 72 brs


Serpetine Jasper Necklace Set

$ 18.00 USD

Serpetine Jasper Set with earrings. long 20 in. Regular price 24.00. MA 74


Unakite Necklace Set

$ 25.00 USD

Unakite Pendant Necklace Set with silver accents. Appox. 17 in. long. One and only of this kind. Regular price 30.00. MA 71uk


African Horn Necklace Set

$ 24.00 USD

African Horn Necklace Set. Regular price 30.00.

MA 73


White and Black Turquoise Necklace Set

$ 20.00 USD

White and Black Turquiose Necklace Set. Appox. 16 in. long. In stock. Regular price 25.00. MA 75